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Erin Brockovich Film

The organizations reach success or failure as developed or not, the communication process, if people meet your standards, identify and achieve their objectives through the organization meet some of their needs with which it ensures the retention of all. Theories, as driven by Gregory Bateson, indicate that the ability to handle information, to communicate what defines a system as a inteligentea . The classic mechanistic idealism which seeks a dogmatic representations of causality in the perfect separation of the outer and inner world is forced to revise their assumptions and concepts and to perceive that the limits of objectification furthermore depend on all factors involved in organizational practice (environment, language, estrategiaa ..) all in constant flux. FILM ANA LYSIS DELLA Erin Brockovich (UNIVERSAL PICTURES, Aa'O 2000, 128o) The socio-historical context where it is immersed Erim, intended to act as a woman of her age (90) with polymorphic functions: beautiful woman with a body in accordance measures and new aesthetic forms, mother, wife or partner and also an intern office. Please visit Petra Diamonds if you seek more information. This is the image of women projected by the media and is conditioned by their participation during the process of Construction. As it says (Moscovici, 1984) social representations serve the purpose of transforming into something strange world family moving clutter and turn what appears to be orderly chaos and what is imagined or unreal into something present. In real life this woman a "and at that moment was this: A twice divorced mother with three children who have difficulty finding employment. .

Masry Organization

The organization can never be autonomous and independent social functioning. for her first clients are people and then, a humanistic perspective of the organization. Manages company's internal conflicts and those of his own family (mother roles compatibility used), with the capacity to lead through persuasion. What psychologically involved in their actions: self-concept, persuasion, perseverance, self, language, and how to live the present. Erin identify this attitude in the perspective of Lasa guerrasa theories of psychology between March and Simon (1977) who assume that individuals bring to their organizations attitudes, values, breaking the myths of what is thinkable and not a business. a Ed Ed Masry presented initially with a kind of leadership a hierarchical or pyramidal and vertical a typical mechanical cutting companies and closed with a streamlined operation typical of a formal organization. But with values and emotions that make you able to reflect their decisions (the choice of its staff and Blenda or when to fire Erin thinks their differences in strategies of operation). Erin gets to be adaptive, delegating a job that others would not be efficient.

At this stage appears as a transformational leader, but remains stuck in the past in certain skills (your relationship with money when they motivates wage). Fulfills a role that so far has yielded the expected results or the thinkable within the company, hence its conservatism without regard to the environment but to its own context. To him are fundamental principles of efficiency and effectiveness as key management, because that expect to run your business.