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Protection begins with a report on student thesis work. The report should begin with a study the relevance of the theme, describing the scientific issues and the formulation of goals. Then, in sequence, established by the logic of the study, chapter by chapter appropriate to disclose the basic content of the work, paying particular attention to the most important topics and interesting results, the novelty of the work, critical comparison and evaluation. The final part of the report is based on the text of the conclusion of the thesis. The student must set forth the basic content of the thesis freely, without reading the text.

Protection of the thesis must take the form of a presentation using a multimedia projector, slide projector, or. After completing the report, the SAC asked student questions as directly related to the topic of the thesis, and so close to it relevant. When answering the questions the student has a right to enjoy their work. After the discussion the student is given the final word. In his closing remarks, the student must answer reviewers' comments and the members of SAC. After the final words of a student thesis defense procedure is finished.

To report on the research paper will be limited to 15-20 minutes. The results of the thesis defense determined on the basis of the assessments: – supervisor for quality of work, the degree of compliance with requirements for the diploma work of a specialist – a reviewer for his work as a whole, taking into account the degree of validity conclusions and recommendations of their novelty and practical significance – SAC members for the content of the work, its protection, including the report, responses to reviewers' comments. Results are determined by estimates of protection "excellent", "good" "Satisfactory", "unsatisfactory" Decisions are taken by simple majority vote by open ballot and documented by the minutes the meeting SJC. The final mark is put in the record examiner and the student gradebook, which painted the chairman and all members of the SEC examiner. Appeal the results of state certification tests are not allowed. Students have not passed the state certification or have received state certification to unsatisfactory results, the right to go again no earlier than one year the state certification. Students that have not been certification test for a valid reason (for medical reasons or in other exceptional cases documented), the opportunity to pass final certification within three months after its end, but not later than four months after application, without contributions from the university.

Virtual Classroom Learning

Take the time to inner silence The advancement of science, technological development, all within an increasingly proactive globalization has seriously affected education, leading to new learning methods that foster the development of human talent of people. The emergence of virtual classrooms that breaks many traditional schemes, such as class attendance invited to be considered in scope, impact so that they know manage to ensure favorable results for all those involved. The openness of the Internet, its scope, what she is creating in favor of communication, promote learning should be taken into account by universities, our interest, to use their advantages, opportunities that have been willing, such as If the virtual classroom that opens the doors of the university at large distances so that those interested in personal growth and professional can benefit from what she offers. Of course, that by identifying with their implications, advantages, but also determine its limitations, provides a new opening which requires that teachers know about their advantages, applicability and make use of it in an effective way to provide interest in those who claim they use. No wonder as Scagnoli Norma says, but not all have joined this revolution, are still those who doubt and do not see the Internet as a "tool." Part of this fear is given by the lack of regulation and control that has the WWW, what makes anyone to publish without much substance, or that the screen is full of surprises where the class can be lost in cyberspace if there organizing a plan and adequate resources.