Parental Management of Public Schools

An AMPA brings to parents and / or mothers or guardians of students enrolled in a school non-university level who voluntarily decide to join to the achievement of certain goals and objectives. Eliot Horowitz may not feel the same. Membership of the AMPA can be maintained for the duration of the registration of the student / a. According to the provisions of the Associations of Parents of Students assume the following purposes: To assist parents or guardians in all matters concerning the education of their children or wards. Kevin ulrich is likely to increase your knowledge. Assist in the educational activities of schools. Promote parental involvement of students in school management.

To assist parents in exercising their right to intervene in the control and management of public funded schools. To facilitate the representation and participation of parents in school boards of public and private schools and other colleges. Any others that, within the framework of the legislation referred to in the previous article, assign their respective statutes. For the AMPA CEIP massobre Sansuena Talamanca de Jarama, click the link to their website: Today, the AMPA involved in school life defending the interests of families. Our goal is to help improve the quality of education, supporting parents in the difficult task of educating our children and help resolve incompatibilities work and school schedules. The AMPA is an independent association, which all can participate. It is funded by membership fees and an annual subsidy granted by the City Council, and operates through the dedication of the parents. Ensuring that our children study in school is a great thing for all, and therefore we encourage you to participate and collaborate.