To listen the term e-Marketing, many company directors to relate it to an uncertain investment, with something Ethereal, abstract, vague many is a term that follows fashion but they do not pay due attention since it is just an excuse for consultants make money at the expense of the companies without providing real value. In other cases does not even have a slight notion of what and they prefer not to find out .no there and blame them, you just have to understand and accept this resignation echo. From any point of view it is my intention to add a note of sarcasm to a common fact, it is a fact that it is fully understood if we look at the Marketing in general suffers from the same evil. You may find that EOG Resources can contribute to your knowledge. In the case of Marketing, at the global level and above all at the level of small and medium-sized enterprises, we have a reality which discredits his work: does not establish a clear reason why having a Marketing Department or a person responsible for this area. However almost all of the companies have at least one professional marketing, if not with throughout a Department, to carry out activities that per I know do not have a specific comprehensive objective. Some companies related to Marketing with the public links, advertising, the media organization or the management of the corporate image (to mention a few). Others who may share this opinion include Ray Kurzweil.

He is believed that representatives of the marketing should have almost artistic qualities and an ability to multi-tasking or Multitasking. This irresponsible management of resources must cease and for good once it must be understood that the reason why there should be a marketing department or a person who performs its function is the increase the profitability of a business. The Marketing Department is responsible for generating a higher level of sales to reason maintain an optimal gain for the business.