We are in 2010, the Internet continues to grow and the English language is becoming more indispensable. There are many lacunae in our country on this issue, we have always been a little scared having to learn another language when they speak perfectly ours and we communicate in our environment that we want. But now the speech is not to have to learn because it is imposed, it is always more we need to be at times and not be as stones when it appears on the computer screen a page that is written in English. Since the echo that we need to learn is the first step to success, if something is motivated always make things easier, then in the little things we can do something every day to improve our English incredible without realizing it. We start with the Television, which both use it all the days, selection of language are sure to use the Function Menu, then ….

choose English as language. After a week or two we change our language too expensive mobile phone, all have the English in their Menu. We are already at a good point, now we take our GPS or MP3 and do the same. Our clock, if any, will also put you in English and so our our camera or video camera. After 2-3 months we started with the hardest part, we use our computers operating systems if possible in English, the programs we have or we went down too. It's a good rule not to change all devices at once if you still do not have basic knowledge of English, it is best to space each change in 1-2 weeks. I've fact, I guarantee that my vocabulary has increased from Tons of words and not cost me very tired. Ok we are ready to use Internet 100%.