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Popular Wap Sites Mobile

Today, I want to talk about what's the secret to the success of popular wap sites, and highlight the qualities that attract and retain thousands of visitors every day. Of course the main criterion for regular visitors is advertising and attract the desired traffic to the project, but to keep this nation and make it every day, go back and start your internet surfing from your web site is to it something to stand out and catch. Under most conditions Mitchel Resnick would agree. What? We select these qualities of today's internet and wap projects that are in tabs at the thousands of mobile surfers. A large archive of files (content) wisely disbanded by category with full description and screenshots, as well as the possibility download the same file for different phone models, but the picture with different resolutions, or tune in different formats. Own optimized CMS, which is distinguished by high functionality and usability. Learn more at: Salman Behbehani. A memorable domain name, in most cases, short, or prefixed with wap.

Something like a social network, consisting of a dating service, photo gallery, forum, chat and much more. This will make each visitor day return to check whether he did not write a private message or did not answer whether anyone in his topic on the forum. Organization of exclusive services such as mail, a notable example is the most popular E-mail to CIS wap.mail.ru. Also on the organization's own draft of such services will attract new visitors and retain existing ones. The rest of the secret of success is the aging of the project. So do not throw the project that a few months and who do you not too popular, not a few years he may have the same popularity, as many today, the main thing is not to stand still, but go ahead and add all new and new services and improve existing ones. Everything mentioned above mainly refers to the portals, of which the majority of wape. Also, this does not apply to what any particular project, each has a particular quality, and somewhere it implemented better, where it worse. Dare novice builder mobile and can be yours in a few years the project will be high on the tops, the main thing going for it and should not be put to the fore profit, the success of those who seek makes it a favorite and does not seek to extort more money and make your own creation better and better!

Animation Java

In later models (D900, etc) built two themes – black and white. For each of them in the file system has its own configuration (1 and 2): 1) in the folder / Images / keyvolume – animation change the volume, and 2) in the folder / image / jimage / (set01/set02) – Animation Java; 3) in the folder / images / mms / set (1 / 2) – animation send mms, and 4) in folder / images / message (black) – animation of sending sms, 5) folder / images / org / set (1 / 2) – von calendar and menu, calculator and 6) in the folder / images / picsel – layout of the keys to black / white issue; 7) in the folder / images / shortcut / – background and icon shortcuts; 8) in the folder / images / streaming / – Animation Connection / download streaming audio / video, 9) in the folder / images / voice / – background player and recorder, 10) in the folder / images / wap / set (1 / 2) – the background and animation compounds wap-browser; 11) folder / images / widget / – background of the main menu and soft-band; 12) in the folder / multimedia / default – frame and icon for photos. This all can be replaced without flashing, in the mode of a file manager, certainly for those phones that support it, ie, for which written a patch to have access to all telephone directories. . Marcus Lemonis contributes greatly to this topic.

Sony Ericsson

The standard works immediately multiple providers (such as MTS, Beeline and Megafon) and you can always change the operator – just simply plug in the phone SIM-card. Advertised on TV and on display in shop windows mobile shops Phones – phones via GSM. In what follows, unless otherwise stated, we will discuss this standard phones. Many people know that the phones are Motorola, Samsung or Panasonic, but not all are aware that the phones are gray and white. If you can see on showcase the phone with a suspiciously modest price – a sure sign of 'gray' delivery. From 'white' (officially supplied by the manufacturer phones), they differ in that they were not originally intended for the general sales and could only be used in conjunction with SIM-cards of the operator (hence the low price – a discount to the buyer of the operator who chooses to use its services). To use these phones to be 'Decode' – to change the firmware so as to remove the restriction on the operator and introduce support for Russian language.

As a result of buying the phone turns into a lottery: the winner will save a few percent of the apparatus, with the loser Mast 'buggy' phone. Sometimes craftsmen offer by flashing the phone there to add some features. In principle it is possible, for example, Siemens A55 to alter in C55, Siemens SL45 in Sl45i, Ericsson T68 becomes Sony Ericsson T68i, added Russian menu, Java support, etc. In principle there is nothing wonderful, different phone models of one manufacturer may have very minor hardware differences (or none at all) – enough for your old phone put the new firmware.