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Inspection Technique

The report of ITE content of reports of technical inspection of buildings owners of real estate have a duty to keep them in conditions of safety, sanitation and public adornment, doing precise work and works to keep or rehabilitate them, in order to maintain at all times the conditions required for their habitability or effective use. Through technical inspections is intended to avoid the consequences generated by the absence of a proper conservation in buildings. The report by ITE. Content. The legal obligation to carry out technical inspection of buildings, in those municipalities in which is mandatory, is verified by obtaining, at expense of the owners (or legitimate holders), a report issued by a competent technician. Said technical should be designated by each building owner and the report that write must have the content and the form set out in the corresponding municipal Ordinance of ITE. Normally, the content will include similar information to the list to continuation: date of the visit, flat situation and photographs of the detailed description of building damage and deficiencies appreciated property causes these defects and deficiencies necessary measures to resolve the flaws and deficiencies, with indication of an order of priorities and a quote inspection result: favourable if the building meets the conditions of stability, security, leaks, consolidation and habitability, or well unfavorable, if not meets visa and presentation of ITE reports must be duly endorsed by the professional order that corresponds to the technical editor and the municipality, so a prudent technical selection shall include verification that it is effectively registered and that have the required liability insurance coverage.

After the collegiate visa, the ITE report must be presented in the Council within the deadline imposed by the Ordinance. Repair of defects and deficiencies a report of ITE that expresses the need to undertake works to solve malfunctions and deficiencies normally it will be the obligation of the owner of the building of apply for the corresponding license of works, which must contemplate the rectification of all faults and deficiencies identified. After rectification, normally need be presented at City Hall a certificate final of the works carried out duly stamped by the relevant professional association. Urgent action in extreme cases, after the technical inspection of the building may be necessary to adopt urgent measures to be executed immediately. These measures are motivated by a situation of imminent danger. They can normally run without prior license application, it’s enough with a supporting technical report.


So, first of all, it invisible glue joints, ie the ability to create seamless surfaces absolutely any size. The second, equally important factor is the attractiveness of this material from a technical point of view – is Thermoforming. Composition material allows heat it to a certain temperature, which makes the plastic material and then to give him any form. This creates a completely unusual items of furniture and accessories of any size and form. Regarding the composition of Corian, then 70% is aluminum trihydrate, 30% acrylic resin without additives, and naturally dyeing color pigment, ie, material is absolutely ideal from an environmental point of view. Aluminum trihydrate gives the material hardness and strength, damage product of Corian is extremely difficult, and acrylic resin gives it ductility when heated. Pigments provide multicolor material and provide an opportunity choose from more than 100 different colors and shades.

Correct handling of the material allows him to give a glossy and matte appearance. At the touch material like polished marble, Corian although warmer, it is smooth and silky, even in places gluing. From an aesthetic point of view, the material is very benefits from its technical qualities. Also to be noted that the material non-porous and seamless splicing technology eliminates seams and joints, respectively, it is absolutely possible penetration into the material of different microbes, molds, fungi and even water. It was his hygiene, along with high aesthetic and operational characteristics made Corian so popular in places where consumers are increased demands on this criterion: from the tops in the interiors of kitchens and bathrooms, finishing the application in clinics and beauty salons.

But, of course, that's not all possible applications of the material, although the kitchen countertops and sink, perhaps, the most common products from Corian worldwide. In the private interior Corian help realize a lot of ideas for interior decoration in the bathroom from sink to countertop, walls, showers, bathroom ending itself. In other areas of the house it may be sills, tables, columns, walls, partitions, lighting and unusual accessories and much more, perhaps, has not yet been enshrined anywhere in the world. The interior public spaces Corian can be seen primarily in restaurants and cafes, where architects and designers are choosing it as a material for bar counters, tables, finishing bathrooms. In offices and hotels from Corian produce reception desks, window sills, tables, very impressive look wall partitions and wall coverings. Although over forty years of its existence, the use of Corian has become very popular and widely, always appear new, unusual, attractive solutions. The tendency of the Russian market is such that only 10-15 years ago known only to a narrow circle of professionals Corian, has now become a whole field for new ideas, the most simple answer to one of the most complex issues facing professionals in the interior Design – the question "of what to do" this or that unusual showy accessory or piece of furniture, which will give the customer premises, his home or office originality, comfort, charm and exclusivity that became driving force of modern interior design trends. The company "Artkor. All rights reserved and protected by law. With full and partial use of the site reference required.