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Each day that passes are more convinced that non-conventional renewable energy (NCRE) or alternatives are a real option to industry and individual level to provide electricity not only sustainable but autonomous and, looking to the long term, cheaper. Was that one of the central themes of the seminar solutions with renewable energies not conventional who organized the Regional Government of Aysen, the University of Chile and the National Commission of energy altogether, and which met for two days in the Auditorium of the Regional Library to specialists in the field of solar energy, mini hydraulics, windgeothermal, and biomass. In what I showed it was more or less clear that the potential across the country, beyond some discussion about the figures, shows that we are a nation rich in renewable energy. And that will vary from region to region, depending on the most cost-effective energy in each zone. In the North is the Sun, and here in Coyhaique the biomass, wind and hydro-electric micro power have potential Giants explained the doctor in engineering from the University of Dortmund, Rodrigo Palma, on the energy wealth of Chile.

With respect to costs, he noted that these technologies tend to be more expensive than large scale solutions, but have many advantages in environmental matters, image and local development in terms of work. And the numbers are very clear. The expert delivered data for the potential contribution of non-conventional renewable energy and energy efficiency study to the electrical grid, 2008-2025 of the universities of Chile and Federico Santa Maria, which notes that in the area mini hydraulic Chile has potential to generate 20 thousand MW, in geothermal 16 thousand, in wind power 40 thousand, in biomass almost 14 thousand and 100 thousand solar, in total, 190 thousand MW. This volume, in the Central interconnected system today installed capacity is only 330 MW. For this reason, in his opinion, one of the greatest challenges must be linked the discussion of development energy with the discussion on the possibilities of technological and industrial development at the national level on the energy issue.

Cooking Techniques

Traditional fried eggs ingredients egg oil Salt preparation cover a frying pan with a layer of oil approximately half a centimeter and carry firearms. Break the egg into a small cup or bowl. It is not recommended to do so directly on the Pan since can be bits of shell in the preparation. This is true in any recipe. Once the oil is hot (maybe even reaches smoke) enter the egg.

With the help of a slotted spoon bathing egg oil so that your top to cook. How long will take to be done depends on the desired point: can be obtained with a fingertip or liquid, leaving him more time with semi-solid yolk. Anyway, never take more than 3 or 5 minutes. Also the tiptoe (edges of the clear golden) will form you if you leave it for a long time and at high temperature. Remove with a slotted spoon and Salt Lake. No salt while in the Pan since it may cause the hot oil to jump. In general it is advisable to prepare a one so that they are more verbose and not have burned parts. See Tips for a good frying eggs fried low in calories for many people the eggs fried represent a problem due to its high caloric content, trans fats and cholesterol.

That is good to know a way to prepare them is why you will be much healthier since technically they are not fried. Ingredients egg oil spray (common oil, if the spray is not available) salt preparation is important to count with a teflon skillet; It is thanks to its non-stick surface that you can use much less oil than in the preparation of a traditional fried egg. Spray skillet with cooking spray, or if it is of common oil, place only a small drop and distribute it with the help of a sheet of paper or kitchen brush. Lead to moderate or low fire. Break the egg into a small cup or dish, introduce to the skillet and cover with a lid of pot. In this way, not only heat will reach the egg from below (where is the stovetop method), but also from above thanks to the CAP. It will take around 5 or 7 minutes be ready, or more if you want the yolk in a more solid state. This cooking technique avoids the negative consequences of a frying and allows anyway enjoy some tasty fried eggs. Remember keep the moderate fire since it is very strong bottom egg will burn off before the top is cooked. Since the cooking of these eggs is slower and less oily than the traditional form, there is no problem with cooking more than one at the same time. Source: Fried eggs Recipes and cooking techniques, recipes and cooking techniques I define as a gastronomic constructor.

Coding Discount Cards

Plastic cards are popular in many areas of life. Electronic methods of information exchange makes them indispensable in the home as the carriers of important information – this discount card and access card, and many others. At the same time, these cards guarantee a long storage of printed information. They are often used as badges and passes. Today, manufacturers of plastic cards circulate cards using its own printing equipment. Maps produced, depending on in what area you want to use it. There are several types of printing. In the manufacture of plastic cards is mainly used so-called sublimation printing.

This method can be compared with the classical offset. This method and made badges and certificates. Created with the help of computer design layout printed on the blanks. Production of these plastic cards similar to the printer print. This method is inexpensive, but nevertheless has a definite negative – low resolution (300dpi). The background map is bright, it applied a color image or inscription.

As a rule, the term intensive use of this card – 1-2 years. If you do not need multi-color cards, you can opt for the sublimation printing technique. Offset printing today is the most popular method of printing. It too is often used in the manufacture of plastic cards. In this case, the print quality is very high. In addition, the offset is very economical when it comes to large print runs. The price of plastic cards in such a case would be low. When The production will take a little time. Protective layer can act as varnish or lamination. Much safer and stronger in this case is lamination, since this coating is very resistant to damage, while the lacquer coating is easy to wear. Lamination – a perfect solution applying a protective layer to such cards. Screen printing can help you not only print but also to convey the most vivid colors desired Fig. If your idea of great importance has a colorful plastic cards, you prefer this method of printing. But in this case may be problems with the application of small graphic images of the fact that Silk-screen printing has a very high resolution. Production rate with this method is very high, and the cost – is acceptable. When printing maps through digital printing, you can order plastic cards quantity from one piece. This also allows print graphics card personalization. Even very small figures on a map printed similar method that may look nice and bright. K drawback is attributed the high cost of plastic cards. With this method of printing it all depends on the type of equipment used and the quality of the paint. The picture quality is entirely dependent on these characteristics. Personalization cards takes place through such means as photography, caused the code, digital or alpha, magnetic strip, and others. To encode plastic cards – mostly – applied magnetic strip. Banking Cards typically encode it in such a method. It gives a very high degree of protection. Access cards and discount cards are often encoded with a magnetic stripe.