Smart Homes

First, they provide protection from intrusion by surveillance cameras, automated doors, gates, roller shutters, security alarm. Secondly, the forgetful owners have virtually no chance of a fire – left by the iron, pliers, or oven, will be time off, and in case of any fire or smoke alarm works. -Leakage of water or gas system immediately notifies the owner and, and appropriate services. When the idea of 'smart' homes in its infancy, for most developers it was important to implement with the new system function of economic use of resources. And the current system with the brilliance of this task of coping. They control the flow of water, electricity and heat. This is achieved through maximum sustainable use.

For example, the system can be programmed so that the light will turn on when the room someone enters, and turns off again when it is empty. In the absence of hosts heating system can be switched off completely, and night work in the economy mode. Talking about the merits of automation systems, it is impossible not mention the new technical capabilities that are implemented to achieve a variety of purposes. We have already mentioned the system of 'Multiroom', which is responsible for distribution of audio and video signals from various sources several distinct zones. All the equipment, which is a source of audio and video (TV-tuner, radio, computer, IPod, dvd, etc.) is concentrated in one place, and through a special receiver signal output in any area. Such a system opens great opportunities for viewing movies, photos, listen to your favorite music or games.

Dialogue between 'smart' home and his master helps the Internet. From any computer connected to the Internet from anywhere in the world can learn about the condition of the house, watch cctv footage. If necessary, the video surveillance system can regularly send e-mail report on the condition of the house. 'Smart' homes in Russia yet a little, the market in our country is still emerging. However, experts are confident in the prospects of this direction. While this is mainly near Moscow cottages or luxury apartments in Moscow and St. Petersburg. However, there are low-budget projects that allow you to create certain types of systems with minimal funds. Having determined that the most important to you – comfort, entertainment, safety, or savings can be set in the house only the stuffing, which is necessary for this purpose. For example, perhaps the introduction of energy-efficient systems, or, if priority is entertainment system 'Multiroom'. So perhaps it's time acquainted with 'intelligent' technologies, and to us. Agree that 'little crazy' our homes just can not hurt.