Film Scanning

Film scanning, digitizing vhs Hardly any human being at home has at least one vhs tape, motion picture film (or video archives), a memorable life event, to show through many years. Without doubt, now used everywhere DVD-bearers will save a historic moment for a long time. But when you show someone a video on the film, the joyful anticipation can turn a sad disappointment – Analog video media, regardless of storage conditions, over time losing money due to the fact that the tape is magnetized or demagnetized, becoming completely corrupted. Like is the case with slides, film for photographs, collapsing under the action of temperature, time, mechanical forces. The best method of resolving the problem – to transfer video information from analog to digital tv – digitizing films vhs, films. For photo film and slide show used the expression 'scan', taking into account the way of translation. Digitization of video tapes. Advantages of digital video are obvious (ease of control while viewing the material, long period of storage, easy maintenance, easy to copy a record without reducing the quality of the original), but still digitizing vhs or film, have been replaced enthusiasm can cause to regret your buck.

Such happens when you entrust a complicated process of digitizing the film man, not familiar with the characteristics of different formats, of which eventually develops first-rate video. A home digitizing film using video-computer lead to consequences that long repulse an intention to improve the status of your video. Masterfully executed digitizing video tapes (VHS) is carried out by competent specialists with solid experience. First of all, holds digitized films on a computer used videokonvertory possessing hardware filter improvements – image stabilizer, noise reduction, correction of temporary deformation. Further exclude the obvious omission, create the menu code, then write a video disk. Digitizing film covers the following stages: projection film projectors material film on the screen, digitizing the received signal directly through a digital video camera, cleaning all sorts of video filters – removing the flicker of the marriage; adding sharpness and contrast.

If you need to complement appropriate music video, create dvd, containing menus and subtitles. Scanning slides. Scanning of the films – it is the quality and, hence, an expensive method of sampling. To handle the home video is often lacking at Definition. In most cases, scans slide photos. Such a process is extremely resursoemok because of technology digitalice – using it successfully eliminate the slides from scratches, dust and handprints. Curiously, that the duration of scanning almost does not depend on the level of defectiveness of the film. However, the product of the scans – high-quality photos. As can be seen, hoping to save the video on vhs films, films or slides photographs, the only true solution to the problem – digitization of the film.