Single Meter People

They speak of connectivity and people are convinced will pave the Carretera Austral or at least a section, and this is not real. They would make maintenance and a bit of improvements for the movement of their vehicles, but there is no one metre of pavement. And they excuse saying that they are not the State. With these words the Councillor of Cochrane, Tatiana Aguilera, summed up the meeting held Monday with HidroAysen Easter Baker Association, which brings together the Councillors and mayors of O’Higgins and Cochrane in order to engage in dialogue with the company parallel to the environmental impact evaluation system and organism that does not include the commune of Tortel, also within the area of influence of the project sited at the mouth of Baker River. The meeting was held in the town of Villa O’Higgins far arrived by the Enterprise Manager environment and relationships with the community, Pedro Vial, and the regional head of relations with the community, Claudio Sanhueza. Executive Vice President Daniel Fernandez had not participated. With regard to the promises of connectivity, Aguilera made allusion to own HidroAysen environmental impact study points out expressly that when he mentioned improving the standard of road Longitudinal Austral this only refers to increase the width, the stabilization of slopes, slopes and turning radius, and only restricted to areas that would be used to materialize its initiative. He also referred to the message of cheaper energy.

We don’t know how much cheaper energy we seek to leave, it could be a 15 to 30 percent, and with that will not make rich a family nor will improve their quality of life in the region. Then the advertising is very different from what they say we expressed. Given this, it invited the ayseninos to report because the company is committing to things which is not able to comply because you have to make modifications in the law alluding to that HidroAysen to somehow accomplish this offer will require legal changes approved by the National Congress. Thirdly spoke of the illusions that people can be part of the company work for them, has which is not guaranteed because they have neither signed document any where guaranteeing that they will hire people in the region and, specifically, what, who or how many. People have to open eyes, which the company is a little stretching deadlines, arriving when it comes time, or God forbid, were to approve this project are going to wash your hands with all compromises. In this respect recalled that according to the survey Casen 2009 the municipality of Alto Bio Bio – where Endesa, partner of Colbun in HidroAysen, built the dam Ralco – is the poorest in Chile with more than 50% of its population under the poverty line. This is the strategy that the company uses, inviting people to support, invite people to participate, offering great benefits and then as the law does not obligate them does not meet them and people stay with the desire said. In conclusion, Tatiana Aguilera expressed on the progress in the matter that It is nothing, we just like always. Invite us to keep talking to keep stretching the time limits, they invite you to continue speaking of cheaper energy without saying when, how much, or how. Follow the ambiguities, follows the Nebula and nothing is concrete, and continue inviting us to talk and I think that this is too exhausted.