Project Renaissance

The persuasivos speeches during regimes military, were in constant transformations in half the miditicos, that is, would become necessary to keep the calm and organized society for the modifications urbanstica of the city, therefore only in the ways of information that the government keeps the good appearance, hiding and masking the questions economic politics and during the regimen. The periodical while institution is distinguished for keeping its vision about of problematic the social ones around the daily one, let us know all that in the military period the journalistic press published ' ' looks of militares' ' concerning problematic social and in this the case the habitation. As much the photograph how much the interview and the citation are clippings, choices. However, in the bedding of the clipping it has a structure to lacunar: something is of is, something was excluded, therefore it is to a bias and always about a descontextualizao. One is here I break up about it being valid for, always another thing that the referenciado one. Impossible to support the thesis of presentation of a Real such which in these conditions. The likely one is not referencial, but openly discursivo here: they are the generic rules of the speech that dictate the law. (GOMES, 2000, p.30).

In the middles of the decade of 1970 the press Alegrense Port daily folloied uncurling of the habitacionais projects. economic After-miracle the habitacional question was constant in the half miditicos, one of these great projects was the Project Renaissance, executed for Municipal city hall. Objectified for mayor Guillermo Villela Partners, the project had the financing of the National bank of Habitation. According to periodical Post office of the People (1975, p.24) ' ' one of the workmanships of bigger spread of the administration of Villela, will be without a doubt the one that if it relates to the urbanization of the city, one of the chronic problems of cidade' '.