As the team began to have more success, Guido Forti started thinking about taking the next logical step in the advancement of the team, the Formula 1. However there were several examples of teams that had risen to Formula 3000 and Formula 1 had failed in a short time at a financial level. In previous years, there have been examples of teams with little success of this nature as have been the team or team Coloni Onyx. But then, Eddie Jordan had shown that power up the ranks could also bring success, with a great result at the 1991 Formula 1 season, his debut season, which finished fifth in the constructors’ championship with a total of seven races finished in the points. Forti considered that a solid financial base was the most important factor for success. In 1991 therefore began work on its Formula 1 project.At the end of Season 1992 Formula 1, he signed a contract with the wealthy brasilezo Pedro Diniz, whose personal fortune and his contacts with sponsors would make the team budget is increased dramatically .’s Father Diniz, Abilio dos Santos, was the owner of a distribution chain, Companhia Brasileira de Distribui o and supermarket chain Pan de Azucar. By offering companies to enable them to establish their products in a good position in Brazil, the Diniz family succeeded in establishing personal contactor with sponsors of major brands such as Parmalat, Kaiser, Arisco and Marlboro to fund the career of Peter. For Season 1993 Formula 1, girders Diniz Forti met Carlo Gancia, a man of Italian-Brazilian business. Gancia became the co-owns the team, buying the shares of Guerci and began working in Formula 1 project.He finally turned to ensure a respectable budget for Formula 1 at the end of Season 1994 Formula 1, which was “effectively funded by the Diniz family.” He also hired the team manager Cesare Fiorio. 1 Guerci Forti stayed with one of their race engineers.