Sports Central Soconusco TAPACHULA WWW.CENTRALDEPORTIVATAPACHULA.BLOGSPOT.COM WHAT IS FOOTBALL Football or soccer (English football), also called football is a team sport played between two sets of 11 players each and a referee who ensures that proper standards are met.It is widely regarded as the most popular sport in the world with some 270 million people involved. 1 is played on a rectangular grass field, with a target or goal for each side of the field. The object is to move a ball across the field to try and locate this within the opposite goal, that action is called a goal. The team that scores the most goals after the game is who wins. The modern game was created in England following the formation of the Football Association, whose rules of play of 1863 are the basis of sport today. The football governing body is the F d ration Internationale de Football Association, better known by its acronym FIFA. The international football competition is the most prestigious FIFA World Cup, held every four years.This event is the most famous and most amount of viewers the world, doubling the audience of the Olympic Games 2 . Position players tactics Goalkeeper Main article: Goalkeeper (football) The goalkeeper, also known as goalkeeper, goalie or goalkeeper, is the player whose main goal is to prevent the ball from his goal during the game, an act which is known as a goal. The goalkeeper is the only player who can touch the ball with his hands during the active game, but only within their own area. Each team must submit only one goalkeeper on their roster. In case the player must leave the playing field for any reason, must be replaced by another player, either one who is playing or a substitute. Such players must wear a costume different from their peers, their rivals (including the goalkeeper) and the arbitral body. By and large they wear the number 1 printed on their shirt. Defense Main article: Defender (football) The defense, also known as a defender, the player placed a line in front of the goalkeeper and behind the midfielders, whose main objective is to stop attacks from the opposing team. Usually this line of players is arcuate shaped, leaving some defenses located closer to the goalkeeper as the others. If a player is only the one located farther back, called a libero, if two or more, are called laggards. Advocates located on the sides of the field are called laterals, and due to its location (closer to the midfielders) can make further progress in this field if they wish. To name is added to the word zone defense: for example, a defender who plays on the right (facing the rival goal) would be right back. Midfielder Main article: Midfielder The midfielder, also known as a midfielder or midfielder, is the player located in the center of the field, a line in front of the defenders and behind the front, which aims to coordinate the interplay between other lines and attend them if necessary.