Origin and Formation

He was the son of Reza Pahlevi, also called Reza Jan (1877’1944), military and former minister of war being proclaimed emperor in 1925, thus inaugurating the Pahlevi dynasty. National Sadabad Palace in Tehran Reza Pahlavi and his second wife, Tadj ol-Molouk.
Completed his education at the Palace after attending the Institut Le Rosey, Switzerland prestigious school until 1935. Upon his return to Iran, held a military career in the Military Academy in Tehran, to complete in 1938.

New York Times
In the streets of Tehran, communications between protesters, the form of whispers. Still, Obama must let them know that he hears their voices.
CTV British Columbia
black-clad demonstrators on the streets of the Iranian capital, mourning the death of other protesters early in the week and condemn what they consider to be a fraudulent presidential election.
‘TEHRAN: Iran’s opposition movement called for a new public protest in Tehran on Wednesday as pressure was building on the …
Times Online
Just before noon on Friday, June 19, the Islamic Republic in Iran deceased. Her death was announced by the supreme guide, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who had come to praise the system but instead buried.

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