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Due to the moderate level of success Kath and Kim has achieved internationally, babe has been remade in the U.S. hearings by NBC. In this remake, actors actress Molly Shannon has taken the role of Kath Day Knight , Selma Blair and the role of Kim . NBC playing choose Jason Ensler to direct Molly Shannon Kath and Kim. Michelle Nader developed the American TV series, which premiered in the United States as part of the Fall 2008 schedule. The series starts shooting in California in July 2008. NBC premiere adaptation of the U.S. October 9, 2008, while seven screening began to viewers of Australia on October 12, 2008. After airing only two episodes of the sitcom mpegs from the seven key alignment because of poor grades. Moreover, NBC, after about an average of about 5 to 7 million viewers per week, was rewarded with a full season in October 2008 .
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The show itself, and the cast have been nominated several television awards in the past, theater including the AFI awards and Logies. In addition, Da Kath and Kim and Kath and Kim Code have won four major awards for the show itself.
pics 2002: Best Actress in a supporting theatre role or user in a Television Drama (Magda Szubanski) at the AFI Awards
2002: Best Screenplay in a Television Drama at the AFI Awards
2002: Best Television Drama Series at the AFI Awards
2003: most outstanding comedy program at Logies
2004: the most outstanding comedy program Logies (tied with CNNNN)
filmography 2008 Most Popular Light Entertainment or Comedy Program
2002: Best Screenplay in a Television Drama at the AFI Awards
showtimes films 2003, 2004, 2005: Most Popular Light Entertainment / episode Comedy Program at the Logies
adult 2003, 2004: Best Actor in a leading role in a Television Drama or Comedy (Glenn Robbins) at the AFI Awards
2003, 2004: title Best Actress in a leading role in a Television Drama or clips Comedy (Jane theatres Turner) at the AFI Awards
2003, cinemas 2004: Best Actress in a leading role in a Television Drama or Comedy (Gina himself Riley) at the AFI Awards
2003, 2004: Best Comedy Series – Sitcom or Sketch
2004, 2005, 2006: Most Popular Actor (Glenn Robbins) at the Logies (’04 y’05 for Kath and Kim,’06 for Da Kath and Kim Code)
actor 2004: Best Actress in a supporting role or user in a Television Drama or Comedy (Magda Szubanski) at the AFI Awards
vids 2004: Best Screenplay in Television
2005: Most starring Popular biography Actress (Gina Riley) at the Logies
2005: Most Popular Actress (Magda Szubanski) at the Logies
2005: most outstanding comedy program at Logies
2006: Most Outstanding Mini Series / Telemovie at the Logies (for Da Kath and Kim Code)
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