Nutrition Advisor: Water

What should know Abnehmwillige about water. Without water, the human body is not (about) viable. Although we can come out for a longer period of time without food – but without water would dry out within a few weeks the man. More info: Arlin Adams. Recommendations on daily water needs are different. Depending on the activity (sports / physical work or “Desk job”) and physical condition, the daily requirement is between 1.5 and 3 litres. Food, the man about to cover 60% of its needs are a major water supplier. An adequate supply of protects the people with water from fatigue, depression, dehydration, concentration, and circulatory disorders. Water sportsmen as energy supplier.

You should SIP water regularly to maintain their performance. Due to sweat, you lose minerals such as sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, calcium or phosphate. A sufficient supply of water compensates for this deficiency. Slimming willing should as well to water access. Whether drinking water – how it University study shows that an an American Virginia Tech – actually burns calories was then provided. However you should prefer to fall instead of fat belonging to Cola, beer and other drinks to water. The supply of mineral substances stimulates the digestion and the metabolism process. Incidentally, also Sanacontrol resolves to best in water: so taking the saturation gel together with important minerals to himself. Water is so irreplaceable component of a healthy and balanced diet – no matter whether sports or want to remove. The following recipe has a high water content: recipe: Duck Soup for the preparation of 4 people you need the following ingredients: 400 g duck breast, chili peppers + 3 spring onions, 100 g Oyster Mushrooms, chili sauce, Basil (1/2 bunch, at best Thai basil), 3 cloves of garlic, 3 Tablespoons fish sauce (Asian spice sauce), 1 can coconut milk, 500 ml broth preparation: cut green onions, duck breast and chili peppers into strips Oyster Mushrooms, Basil and garlic to clean and chop meat in a pan Sear,. Remove and keep warm In the same pot of onions, garlic, and chili strips mix and fry the remaining ingredients (mushrooms, chili sauce, coconut milk, broth, duck meat) with fish sauce add over medium heat 5 minutes boil, add strips of Basil and simmer again 1 min side dish: rice (if it’s too spicy, the rice softens the intensity) for more information visit free of charge and not binding on