Network Core

Map of the system to 2008
At present (2008), Bogota has 9 lines by which the current articulated vehicles of TransMilenio, after the inauguration in late ball 2000 Avenue of the trunk Caracas until the Sixth Street and the backbone Calle 80. Then finish the Core Caracas until Portal Usme.
A mid-year 2001, the service extends to the third backbone of the highway north from the station on Avenida Caracas Heroes and up to the station Toberin, shortly after the premiere is Portal del Norte. Also running are building a small ramp south of the city that links the area Tunal abs (Villavicencio with Avenida Boyaca Avenue) with the Avenida Caracas
In 2002, the system extends from the line of the Avenida Caracas along Avenida Jimenez, crossing the so-called Axis Environmental and coming to the historical center of the city, thus terminating the proposed phase 1 of the system and the beginning of the Construction of phase 2.
On December 27, 2003 the service was the backbone of 13th Street and the Avenue of the Americas, with the road corridor toward the town of Kennedy, being integrated into the branch of the Environmental Axis. It was inaugurated modern stations Banderas and the Portal de las Americas, reaching one workout of the most populous sectors of the Colombian capital.
On July 1, 2005, following year and a half of work, is the third delivery backbone of phase 2, the modern line of the North-South Quito, which emerges from the trunk highway north to the height of the Street 92 to join with Station General Santander, on Highway 45 South race in just 50 minutes.
As of February 13, 2006, was in the service of the connector with Highway 80 North Street, which was conducted earlier, but had serious problems of design and construction. Thus, articles can be moved from the west (west) to north and vice versa, avoiding the passengers having to make a change at the stations Calle 76 and Calle 72, thereby achieving decongest the stations. The service fitness will start with that was the express 140.
The stretch of the Avenue of the Core NQS (the School of General Santander at the Portal del Sur, located near the cemetery The Apogee) came into operation on April 15, 2006, with the new express services 150 and 160 and the extension of service Current 5.
The Core of Avenida Suba, was put into service on April 29, 2006 after several months of delay in the trunk of key points such as the Suba-exchanger-NQS Calle 80 and the Alto de la Virgen.
Former notice of information inside the station Heroes
The system has parking for articulated buses in all the portals, plus two more: one on the Avenue of the Communards 18 with Stroke and other underground at stomach Avenida Norte-Sur-Quito (NQS) with Calle 19 (on the Plaza of the Road). I have seen great results using for my exercise routine Here are performed maintenance on the fleet of buses and there are rest rooms for drivers with cafes included. I have read about pilates expert who developed a number of innovative exercise techniques, including the Method In some of these stations are the offices of the consortia that provide the service. The development of the TransMilenio also has involved the construction of sidewalks (sidewalks), poplar, ciclorrutas and squares, which have significantly improved the overall image of the city.