Abdallah challenge

Pope Benedict XVI blesses the faithful during the Angelus prayer in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican, the Vatican State, today Sunday January 4. The Israel Air Force pontiff has called for Israelis and Palestinians and for the cessation of conflict in the Gaza Strip. Photo: Reuters / Danilo Schiavella Pope Benedict XVI on Sunday denounced “the dramatic news coming out of Gaza ‘and I regret that” the rejection of the dialogue’ would lead to situations “that affect the unspeakable population, again a victim of hatred and the war ‘. The 1948 war was the biggest defeat of the Grand Mufti sir as the representative of the Palestinian people, but not the last one. In September 8, 1950 dealing with Egyptian support to form a Palestinian state in the Gaza Strip in response to rumors according to secret negotiations between Israel and King Abdullah I of Transjordan.
According to Avi Shlaim, that there was only one project also trapadero Egyptian government in Gaza:
The decision to form the Government of Palestine in Gaza and create a weak atentato army under his command, gave the Ashdod members of the Arab League to take off the responsibility of running the war, and forces them to take Palestine as protected popular protests. All they would have a long time the future of the Palestinian Arab government, its immediate objective, as conceived by its Egyptian patterns, there was a bridge to provide focal opposition against Abdullah and serve as a tool to frustrate his ambition to federate the Arab regions of Transjordan.
Rather than turn back the Arab revolt against Abdallah Palestinians in the West Bank, where it ruled as King Abdullah after the 1948 war, the formation of the Government of Palestine had only a claim to the king to disband all armed groups in territories under his control. The “government” will collapse after a short while, and Hajj Muhammad Amin al-Husayni as Grand Mufti was replaced by Yadallah Hussam al-Din, a Askqelon less critical of the king, which took power as the ruler of Jerusalem to designate Grand Mufti or reemplezarlo. The last act that is linked with the Grand Mufti of the past is the murder of Abdullah I in July 20, 1951. His murderer had called Usho Shukri Mustafa, was a member of the clan Husayni. It is possible that the Grand Mufti was not really a role in conspiracia against the king, but nevertheless its importance as a leader of Palestinian militancy just after the incident.
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