Making Use of Energy Cosmic Forces

Astronomical modern technology is able to locate, interpret and make use of energy-cosmic forces that surround and permeate our environment and our land be comprehensive. The data used by Astron is the same as using the American NASA, ESA and European Australian IPS (and several other space agencies). That is, the facts and space phenomena analyzed by modern astrophysics and astronomy those assessed by electromagnetic (ie, radiation or radio waves, infrared, x-rays, ultraviolet, etc.).. This, together with the information provided by satellites and space probes, is the data used by Astron. In fact, I love the folklore behind classical astrology, as I cherish the old tales about the mythical powers of the ancient Greek gods. For example, Atlas bearing the world on his shoulders, Chiron, the wise old centaur instructing his pupil awake Hercules, as well as the beautiful Selene mounted across the night sky in his chariot of silver. What of those times when everything could be explained with such fascinating stories! But, I ask, am I to determine the main constitution of my being (ie, my attributes, qualities and innate powers) as well as my future conduct, based on such legends? “What would you do? I think not.

So what should we do about traditional astrology? We have to throw out the window, ignoring the warning Johannes Kepler made us to “be careful not to throw the bath water with the child? Are we using the colorful comic astrological, only because “they have been with us for so long that can not be wrong”? With regard to the latter, please note that most great part of humanity believed for more than twenty centuries (2000 + years!) That the world was flat (some still do). Not commit the mistake of thinking that because a bug has been around for a long time, or because a large proportion of the population believed in it, the issue becomes something real. Much eye with this! However, there is another option that can be taken into account. We have the option to update what we know about cosmic influences, as we had to upgrade everything else. In all honesty, I think that this is the solution to the dilemma.

And the faster the better. I know this article does not help me make new friends in the astrological community. Geez, if not my old friends I want to talk astrologers! Still, I think I will put forward by Astronica think the new generation of astrologers. And this is important because I think that after they review the firm foundation on which stands the Astronica, decide to invest their time, effort, and, yes, your money, as in the long run prove more critical to resist bitter. Astronica techniques are not something ephemeral – here today, forgotten tomorrow – the same here to stay, because they rely on a very highly valued and scarce: in truth. Whether you are an astrologer or not, I invite you to submit proof Astronica resources (), are free and have an immediate result (online). I assure you will be surprised and satisfied.