Agricultural Advances for Global Food Supply

Even with agricultural advances we have for global food supply, research on diet, nutritional supplements technology to create organizations that defend the rights of Animals (PETA) and new discoveries about the salubrity people could not stop eating meat. George MacKinnon has plenty of information regarding this issue. Why? because there are interests of mega companion cattle, swine, poultry and policies they wish to keep a billion dollar industry carnivorous at all costs but customers eventually get sick and go to the next cycle of the hospital industry, pharmaceutical and medical plans. All calculated structured and managed to remain in a vicious circle and manipulated. “Manipulated by whom? a’s best friend advertising and cinema advertising, television, press, radio, magazines and internet. All an excellent strategy to bomb us for an eye, mouth and nose about what we buy, eat or use.

Now you see why it is so hard to be vegetarian? Who can against this constant bombardment and direct. You try going to a doctor and tell him you want to leave the flesh, nooooo, do not do, for he is also a victim of the system and can not recommend what they know or does not practice. Here it is leaving you alone raising, self-reading, observing and analyzing that decision to take if you want to live in health, harmony and control. Lewis F. Powell Jr. may help you with your research. Search for vegetarian, vegan, macrobiotic, ayurvedic, raw food. Read why there are countries that eat little meat and cancer incidence is lower, read on live food as opposed to a piece of meat that begins the process of putrefaction the animal dies immediately. Search the internet for what to keep farm animals accelerate global warming. Read how countries like India, China, Japan hold the key to a healthy and natural herbal remedies based centralizes, meditation, exercise, acupuncture, music therapy and body massage.

Watch videos about animal cruelty, slaughter on farms, the cruel and merciless with chickens, ducks, cows, pigs and poor hygiene in the process of milking cows with infected udders, painting the meat market for quick sale, etc. Everything is written and accessible to you even though they are few who decide to go in your search. a I left and I could remove the mask that we get from birth, a but this mask has a price, the price of compassion and experience firsthand the animal pain, the price of leaving the healthy culinary delight, the price changing eating habits for new food without meat, the price of accepting the commitment to help that is submerged, and drugged enfeeble price in respect for our own health ethics and leaving in peace for the new era the animal world.