Internet Employees

Do not forget about the employees of the enterprises for the production of cd / dvd, employees of record labels or movie studios, thanks to their 'efforts' music albums, software and movies appear on the Internet for several days or even weeks before the official start of rental or sales. But illegal media files that are downloaded for the price of traffic can be a source not only inexpensive pleasures. Love ordinary users to free content has been successfully used by online fraudsters. They are spread across the music, and movies that contain spyware and 'Trojan' programs, as well as backdoor-viruses, which carry out unauthorized control of your computer. Backdoor-virus Consists usually of two parts: a small program secretly installed on infected computer and management program, launched from computer hacker. In this case, it is desirable to choose an antivirus with a proactive function of protection, it is through pirated content is often thrown in the network the first samples of new viruses. After downloading and opening the file malware has taken over the case. Her goal – to provide confidential information such as passwords, credit card numbers or bank details, and send this information hackers.

Many files illegally distributed over the Internet are infected with computer viruses. Fresh 'Trojan' from the downloaded file will most likely not be recognized by an antivirus program, and no interference will penetrate your computer. Malicious programs are often hidden in archive files, which also are password protected. Often the antivirus program can not neutralize, or even detect the risk contained in this archive. 'Pest' is detected only after extracting the files, but it may be too late.

In addition, there is another danger. Many users share files and downloaded from the web pirated copies, do not even think about that law enforcement is extremely easy to get to them. Anonymity on the Internet – a relative term: when downloading files each user leaves traces. How to find these tracks, well known employees of organizations to protect copyright. Therefore, relying on the fact that downloading from the Internet illegal content user will remain undetected, not worth it. In the most active disseminators of such information came to the attention of law enforcement officials, may have serious problems