Digital Product

If never get offered an ebook or digital product itself, and more properly, State beam writing articles and publicandolos in the forums; then you will find a pleasant surprise. That surprise is that you already have your own digital product in your hands.Maybe you’ll be thinking that your product has to be an ebook, or a piece of software or something similar. That’s normal.Although you can not manipulate a digital product; find the image of a book that appears on a web site attractive and seems quite real, imagined that you it’s a product tangible, physical; but it is actually a simple PDF or an executable file.Therefore, the creation of an electronic book can sometimes be a logical way of owning a digital product.But, you’ve been missing a point.If you don’t have an ebook that offer, get your words your digital product, as I mentioned in the opening paragraph, if you’re writing articles and posting on the forums; no doubt you have your own digital product in hand. Let’s take as an example the wording of articles.You can write an article of 500 to 600 words on a topic and leave a link of affiliated with the website.Since there is an article that can be written exactly equal by two different authors, unless you plagiarize, Word for Word; then your article is your unique product; in this case, a product of marketing itself.What you need to do now is put your item as your own ebook or marketing digital products of others and make sure that there are so many people that they can read your article.Can be sold your own articles?One way of doing so is by submitting your articles to hundreds of directories of articles.If you want a quick result, and get your this article in the main search engines in just one day, because we have to pay for the service of shipping items or use a software of article sender; so you will get a wider distribution in a short period of time.Sometimes, one does not usually create an image of the cover of the article (as the e-book normally has on its cover), and loses the feeling of being a real product; otherwise also can resort in some of your articles to create images for your reports.Now, can you easily create an article of 500 words?How fast can write is an article of 500 words?Can you write more than one article of 500 words?You think about it. I just created a unique product and whose reading has been completed in less than 2 minutes.Is this article a great product? You will be the judge; but more importantly, I’ve already marketed with success my own product. Isn’t it?