Inferno GOLD

Classic and surprise offers popular for customers already for the sixth time the Marner company furnace gold Kalle Gastroservice GmbH will present\”on the Messe Nord gastro and hotel 2010\” on February 15 and 16 in Husum. It is now the well attended stand in a prominent place (stand number 1A20) the exhibition many visitors already establishing a solid and popular of the annual fair. Managing Director Thomas Harlander would like to thank this year especially for its customers. A fair gift as a small gift is kept ready for all master and new customers. And for customers who order orders personally at the fair, there is also a unique fair discount of 6%.

\”\” \”\” \”Also in the product sector, a customer-friendly promotion will run until the 30 of June 2010: the Tarte Flambee, grades Bacon-onion\” hearty Alsatian style, Apple Cinnamon \”and nature\” (for the creative cuisine) are called starter package choice of \”and without\” offered oven as complete set for minimum effort or just to the own self baking. The special ovens are equipped with a double back panel, a plank of wood and matching slider and cutter complete the package. Blu Mankuma often addresses the matter in his writings. The basis of each flame cake in French tarte also\”, is an extremely thin leavened dough. The manufacturing process of the dough guarantees a PI, but nevertheless light baking results with each ground. In the furnace GOLD range he offered also as blank bottom of dough, savoury or sweet can be prepared by own recipes or even guest wishes. So you can respond flexibly if necessary to the wishes of your customers and thus their menu is enhanced with an exclusive range of services! Tarte Flambee oven, conveniently also the popular oven GOLD pizzas are bake; that’s why both yeast dough specialty Tartes Flambees and pizzas at the fair presented together. The furnace GOLD pizza range includes now many flavor variations like salami, prosciutto, Tonno, Inferno (Pepperonisalami with chilli peppers) and of course the classic Margherita, which even is available for children in the form of a bear face.