History of E.H.I.S:

We have already published several articles which teach them how to do pilates from your home. If you perform these exercises frequently, you will notice your body will become more flexible and strong. This technique works the workout muscles deep inside out, for that reason it is an extremely effective way to harden the muscles. Today we continue with more exercises to tone poniendote to follow from home: Exercise 1: In lying position, legs flexed to support the foot on the floor. While exhale raises one leg and flex the knee to 90th thinner . while she designed the Method is also a pilates trainer Return to the starting position. In Chile, Antofagasta, Gran Via Altos area, geographic location 23a 40’31, 94”S 70th 24’02, 46”O 185 meters , was presented the first Intelligent Building Sustainable fat Housing (EHIS) of the country and the world does not exist any record, called ‘Building method Bicentennial.
This building was created, calculated and managed by the Civil Engineering Calculista Rodrigo Suarez Cuevas, a Chilean national, in August 2005, General Manager of Real Estate Limited and member of the Bicentennial directory Cuevas Construction Engineering Limited, who realize this and provide Innovation in the building. This is the first prototype of sustainable and intelligent buildings housing bioclimatic Chile, incorporating technologies such as astrometry, home automation, inmotica, science ergonomic assisted 3D simulations for various areas such as fluid dynamics, earthquakes, wind, heat energy, such as claims fires, lose weight floods, (virtual reality), and other neo-engineering is also considering the new information technologies (NIT). All this, enhanced with professional tools in the transition from the use of these new technologies and exercise the classic, as are the psychological and anthropological sciences to name a few.
The building consists of 14 apartments housing type, equipped flab with a high range of facilities and equipment. In this building, including areas of human energy recovery, squash court, fitness health room, to apply techniques of yoga, pilates, reiki and other disciplines. not to mention a space for art, performing a visual monthly renewal, enriching the human relationships in the fitness daily life of the Bicentennial Building.
Grades must have a building housing intelligent sustainable:
Grade 1: minimal or basic intelligence (GI1)
Grade 2: half or sufficient intelligence (GI2)
Grade 3: average intelligence or good (GI3)
Grade 4: very good intelligence (GI4)
Grade 5: Intelligence excellent (GI5)
Grade 6: Intelligence optimal (GI6)
Intelligent Building Sustainable Housing, is a reality, these homes are on a European level of construction in an environmentally sound and that meet all the indicators of sustainability. Thanks to the concept in its genesis, a design process of lose inches a constructive and intelligent, sustainable and environmentally friendly with more than 150 items for your configuration. Rodrigo Cuevas S., has identified a number of parameters abdomen and 6 degrees of intelligence, in this new kind of building. These are used to determine the degree of ‘intelligence’ of a particular building. the time has come for me to get that to get my abs happening In Bicentennial Building, have faithfully followed these subjects, which include: the use of materials which required the least possible energy to be obtained, using materials that generated the least amount of waste (Kyoto Protocol) local labor, natural materials, to think of the building to be recycled once they have to demolish that biodegrade part or all of their materials, adding the interrelationship of ergonomics and astrometry to generate a new way of building towards the exercise human ball being, innovation – efficiency.

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