Events during construction

Events during construction on 13 May 2007, a storm hit the city of Cartagena de Indias and some nearby villages, causing a curvature in the structure of a meter building between floors 28 and 40. Citation needed In the event no human losses. At first thought to add the time he had taken to perform the work, this unforeseen event (in addition to the strong winds had delayed the work done to date), however the project and could not recover. This torque is henry fool due to the structure had not braced diagonals or that any building of such magnitude should have. On 20 May 2007, a week after the storm struck the city, was established in principle that the tower must be dismantled and built again because it was vulnerable to the action of horizontal forces from wind or earthquakes. Then they aired the rumor of a possible change in the original design.Project was finally canceled the original and final disarmament of the structure, was ordered by the Society of Engineers and Architects of Bolivar. Brad Powers This activity was planned before the end of the month of June 2007, when it should begin as soon as possible to avoid the rainy season. However, only until 10 July 2007, began the final dismantling of the structure. Initial work were provided by six support workers and a crane installed on the structure, under the direction of Xavier Coll, a member of the committee who was directing the play. Each court for clearing that was done in the welds, taking on average 10 minutes before the piece falls henry fool sustained by the jaws of the crane. By November 2007, the metal framework has reached a height that would be about 5 floors. Bocagrande, from left to right, with the buildings Horizons (green), Terrazas del Mar, Palmetto, and Tower of the jetty, all under construction