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Kuwait City is one of the most financial and business assets in the Middle East
Kuwait is a small economy, rich and relatively open, secure oil reserves of 94 billion barrels (15 KMA) – 10 of world reserves. Petroleum accounts for nearly half of GDP, 90 investment management of exports and 75 of government revenues. However, in 1990 the country earned more money from foreign investment than from oil exports.
The expenses generated by the funds invasion of Iraq and post-war reconstruction Asset Management was a investments major economic burden for the country. However, towards the mid-1990s Kuwait had regained its prosperity.
Oil prices have produced a surplus of 1.7 billion “(from 2 billion) for FY 99/00. FY 00/01 only took 9 months Ernst from a change in the tax year. The budget for FY 01/02 expected increased costs in salaries, construction and other categories. GNP in 2003 was 4.6 billion ‘(41.7 billion ), with a GNP per capita of 14,166’ ( 17,420).
Kuwait Petroleum Corporation KPC is the national company responsible for all matters relating to the production of oil, gas and refined products.
The labor funds force was 1,073,115, of which only one quarter are Kuwaiti citizens.
The climate limits agricultural development. As a result, with the exception of fish, it depends almost entirely on imports for food. 75 of the water must be distilled or imported.
The Central Bank of Kuwait in the capital, gives the Kuwaiti dinar, the local currency. The dinar is valued at 0.351676 KWD per 1 EUR 0.292010 KWD per 1 USD, making it UCSD the highest currency in the world. Aggregate demand economy. Exchange rate … automatically, via entry of foreign reserves to increase …
The Indian Foreign Minister, Pranab Mukherjee, emphasized today at the … China starts construction of eight strategic oil reserves …
economy. International reserves are close to 36 billion dollars … Consultation Meeting of Foreign Ministers at the OAS, 18-03-08 …

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