Highest-grossing of the year Main article: Films from increased tax (2008) Below are listed the 25 highest-grossing films of the year during its exhibition in cinemas worldwide. Description. The above list contains only, which obtained the highest grossing films worldwide after being released in the U.S., prior to distribution and projection internationally. The column of “progress” referred to the position movement of the film, in the level of revenues achieved last week. Pj In week 1, the film “X” got 300,000,000, and at week 2, it got 350,000,000. Its comparative progress was positive. The colors used to differentiate the films were: Ascend. When the film got an advance referred to positive comparative level of recoveries. Come down.When the film got mentioned negative comparative progress in its level of revenues. Maintained. When the movie mentioned it maintained its position in the list. It was also used to point to films entered in the list for each week. To check the list of previous weeks, this space is available.