Integration provides the following improvements in the planning of tasks to performers: Plan "in advance". The integration enables task scheduling for Artists in ms Project and not to register them in the ClearQuest. At any time integration allows you to register the required number of tasks in the ClearQuest; Rescheduling. Often, when the project encountered a situation where need to shift the planned dates for a certain period of time. The disadvantage of ClearQuest in this case is that it is necessary to cause the shape of each task to edit and update the target dates. Integration of the same allows a single operation to update the target dates for any number of tasks; Saving hierarchy. Integration module allows you to log problem in the ClearQuest with preservation of the structure of the hierarchy, which was established in terms of ms Project.

Import resources. The integration allows to use one source of performers ClearQuest. Once the system registers a new ClearQuest performer, it automatically appears in terms of ms Project; use of additional fields. Integration allows you to display any number of additional fields of tasks ClearQuest, which is necessary to see or configure the planning tasks in terms of ms Project; Accessing ClearQuest forms of ms Project. Integration module allows you to open form tasks ClearQuest directly from the plan ms Project. This allows the project manager if necessary to see all the information about the problem (the attributes of the problem, progress reports) or make changes in the problem directly in the ClearQuest from ms Project; Import tasks in the plan of ms Project.