Demonstration to protest the lack of doctors

At 12 am garrovillanos were called upon to protest the lack of doctors these days. It is unfortunate that these concentrations citizens not to attend all the people who should go, but at least there were enough people for the cry of protest was heard hiciese. Those who were there you can surely give an approximate number of people there.I dare not because I feel very bad these calculations. To cover that news reporters came Canal Extremadura TV and radio section. I think there was some way more, but I did not recognize logos. That objection can highlight several little things: – First and foremost, thanks to what has moved a village neighbor for the good of all protest has gone ahead. Is great merit in what he has done: to see if finally “someone is a prophet in his land.” Thank you, Philippa. – Moreover, sometimes we’re a little naive and easily leads to the garden.I hope nobody do not be angry, but the supposed solution has given us the spokesman Extreme o Health Service (do not know what position you …), in my opinion, is only a patch to shut mouths these days and keep us a little happy. It is a measure that will be worth enough for a few days but we are not going to solve the problems garrovillanos when our doctors return to operate again substitutions are made “sick” and so on. I think they too will make them very funny. – Praise someone who holds public office must give when they are worth. It’s nice that you came, but surely we could do something else.The good news is that today there will be consultation, which without this protest would not have been possible. – The measure is something like that during the days that our doctors are low, someone will come to that consultation of 17:00 to 20:00 hours, the number of prescriptions is 80 for all the people. – When a protest demonstration must adhere to the core problem, if we start speaking (or shouting) of things related to other topics (numbers, 2 euros …), we lose credibility and lose fueza protest. Anyway, what I wrote is just my opinion, one more.Very interested in yours, what do you expect to write Greetings.