Corporal Project

For it, the notion of corporal project is a question of envolvement of the body with a movement in one determined space, a certain time and one determined situation, being able to vary, if the situation equally to vary. This takes to think us it about the unit of the body, disclosed for the corporal project, movement and significao, contrary to the classic analysis of the perception that distinguishes the sensible data from this significao. Merleau-Ponty (1996) exceeds this concept making to understand us the motricidade while scienter of the citizen, and not as a movement concrete and abstract. The motricidade is, therefore, a way of being of the corporeidade. Ahead of these thoughts, the following question appears: Of that it forms swimming can collaborate for the development of the corporal perception of the deficient appearance? When making a relation of the aquatic corporal image and the knowledge that we have of the proper body, we appeal to some theories: we live in a planet-water, we are composites of 71% of water and live during nine months in the half liquid. When believing that the human being does not only learn for its intelligence, but with all its body, with its emotion, its sensitivity and imagination, we leave of the estimated one of that swimming can be a learning factor significant human being and, that in hypothesis some must be dealt with reducionista form, that is, with preset standards of teachings.

3. Swimming for the deficient appearance in the perspective of the corporeidade Sabemos that swimming rees-echo positively on the health, as for example, in the problems of column, re-education after breaking, in the cases of obesidade, abnormal magreza, respiratory riots, etc. But such activity can go beyond the aid of the physical conditions, that are many. We believe the benefit in the order of the sensible one, that is, in the contact of the water with the skin, thus causing corporal well-being, the pleasure, the personal satisfaction.