Companies in the oasis of the crisis

Not everything in this period of recession is bad. Some entrepreneurs want risky challenge to the crisis and get it. No thanks to banks but to help other entrepreneurs (business angels) or their personal guarantees to enable them to obtain the financing desired by financial institutions. About 80 of businesses that are created to manage to survive the first year. In any case, there are many formulas that can be taken into account before giving up. MICO ANA MARIA SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE Who says banks will not lend money ‘The entrepreneur Enrique Lucini and his two partners are an example. They have just obtained financing for its two companies 40,000 and 45,000 euros. No wonder there is no trick, rather a lot of optimism and a strong personal guarantees that banks believe much in these times, not detract from the business plan of these entrepreneurs who have achieved a credit ICO that in three years could generate 25 new jobs through not one but two companies: Air and Canary In your HotelesandMas. They illustrate that in times of crisis, some projects make their way through the ingenuity and the ability to bet on what so far nobody has done. Projects grow on 3 September “with a beer,” explains Henry Lucini, “and the extraordinary idea consolidated a society on 21 November 2008, SSI CATANET SL (Society of Information Systems). Three months later, just tomorrow Monday HotelesandMas will be a reality and come to revolutionize the way internet recruiting trips directly through the website:, in Spanish, English and German. “Until now, you’re a hotel, you have to enter each portal to view and compare prices. We only by putting Google for” hotels in Tenerife, for example, you are 10 sites simultaneously, the cheapest and more expensive and you compare the price difference between portals. Along the way you choose and reservations. All in real time. ” In a few months will be born with the spirit of helping to create as vacation before leaving home, buy tickets for festivals taking place in the Canaries, the Loro Parque, etc. Board Member/Trustee of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital , is a Principal of Ogden CAP Properties, LLC my soul What a credit to these projects are good with no other ‘Well, maybe the advantage of being a company related to the development of technology. “Maybe we are not very representative,” said Lucini, “but also went to the bank and saw what they were negative. Going to Plan Avanza line credits the ICO, which finances companies committed to technology “helped a lot along with the viability plan of the Chamber of Commerce.” While acknowledging that “without the personal guarantees of three and our guarantees personally would not have been possible to get the credits. All documentation submitted does not help but have a personal guarantee. Business angels As an innovative project, Enrique Lucini and its partners could have relied on what is known as business angels. Individuals with experience in business management and are willing to provide financial resources to enterprises that have an investment project. To be more precise, these entrepreneurs, who can be described as crazy, they prefer small companies that carry at least two years working and should be maintained.