Note: See complete article in the Journal Dinamica: Economy and Values. Number 5. August 2009 berhad Governments have been making efforts to maylasia legislate on social responsibility. As a concern, I see it. As a procedure, I see usahawan it backfire. Instead, I propose strategy two financial alternatives: 1. Do not buat duit legislate on the results but on the kuching process. I mean, langkawi not legally required to produce a social report, for example. That would lead companies to comply, filling pages and pages without content quality care. Won the printers and public relations. But society did not win. Best, legislate on the standards that must use those organizations who freely choose to make a social tourism or sustainability sarawak report. 2. That the state then realized that it pendapatan makes more efficient economy mechanisms to influence legislation in a responsible performance of organizations. This mechanism is the public procurement of goods and services. To use this mechanism, it suffices melaka that the state and its organizations decide corporate to behave as responsible consumers. And it’s not as complex as it seems. What is meant today by responsible public purchasing ‘The definitions provided are simplistic but useful. We describe the purchasing public as a deliberate effort responsible and structured celcom integration of social, environmental and ethical decision making and procurement directory processes of public administrations. And why that is relevant to talk sambilan about perak responsible purchase today publishes’ The contemporary state, jutawan to shrink, had to resort to a shopping very high increase in its recruitment capabilities. This has investment resulted in international a high purchasing power. That is why ‘the public authorities are johor bahru taking a growing awareness duit internet of their role as active agents of sustainable development’ 1 . This purchasing power, as power transformer of society is illustrated if one reviews the numbers. Currently, public administrations of kuala the European Union as a whole spend about 1.5 billion euros each year on products, services and marketing infrastructure, which management accounts for about 16 of the total GDP of the European Union. And, according to the Spanish Association of Purchasing Professionals, purchases sabah represent on average 75 of the costs of any johor organization. And that selangor implies a perniagaan responsible public purchasing strategies’ Basically involves the development of a quadruple very specific agenda: a. A fair trade agenda, b. A green procurement agenda, c. An agenda for social shopping, d. And an ethical sourcing agenda. Successful business man graduated from the old Wharton school of business We see in some illustrative examples of these agendas. Fair Trade ‘Antojate of company Antioch’, a project promoted by the Deputy of Antioquia Guillermo jalan Vega Palace has allowed microentrepreneurs from all latitudes reach the Department of Antioquia, in real conditions of equality, supermarkets hypermarkets, with its offer commercial, previously purified and sales enhanced packing advice, imaging and bar code labels. Buy Green: The city of Seville, Spain, for example, by installing LED bulbs in all street lighting in public buildings and traffic lights on uptrend your network, this currently saving 18 of their energy bills. kereta Social Purchasing: The City of Stockholm, for example, include in their procurement nondiscrimination clauses (for reasons of gender, race, ethnicity, disease, etc.).. Ethical shopping: the city of Paris, for example, requires the signature of a code of conduct to all hotel suppliers, at the admissibility stage or register as a supplier.