A North German success 40 years NAVIS – COINCIDENCE this is the story of two companies, where Hanseatic virtues and medium-sized corporate culture form the fertile breeding ground for economic success. At a ceremony, which took place in mid-February at the Hamburg NAVIS headquarters, acknowledged random’s managing director Heinz-Gunter Basell trustful cooperation and presented a gift chosen with great connoisseurship. Hamburg/Gottingen, February 26, 2010 – \”The friendship receive small gifts\”, know the vernacular. And so random – managing director Heinz-Gunter Basell recently entered the headquarters of NAVIS AG in Hamburg, Germany with a robust box under his arm. After a few moments, an authentic look model of a special cargo freighter came to light: built the \”MS Magdeburg\”, by the Warnow shipyard in Warnemunde, was the founding year of the NAVIS – random as one of the first Association in May 1970 automated vessels in service has been made. Educate yourself with thoughts from John Groce. The joy of the original memorabilia, which bears the name \”MS Muller Stork\”, written in the face was Walter and Remo Stork of CEO and Board member of NAVIS AG. \”For us the collaboration with random has been always something special\”, the 75th Walter Stork accounted for the cooperation with medium-sized transportation and logistics provider, which has its headquarters in Gottingen.

The foundation stone for the Association, which has promoted around one million shipments by the end of 2009, was laid in late summer 1969. A common customer then brought the company from Hamburg and Gottingen on a table and with each other in the interview. Walter Stork: \”we at that time with the random executives Dr. Gerhard Muller and Richard in a hotel met Israel and discussed the fundamentals of a possible co-operation and found very quickly many similarities.\” While the spatial conditions reminded more of a political thriller, as at a meeting of future business partners. \”At a very, very long table sat on the other side we on the one and the folks at random.