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Terceirizar is Vital the practical one of the terceirizao is not newness in the world of the businesses. In the companies of the first world and Brazil, it has times, one practises act of contract, it saw company, rendering of services to it specialized in specific activities; eliminating the ones that do not fit to be developed internally. The period postwar period was marked by a necessity of total reorganization and the market revealed eager for innovations. The world-wide economy enjoyed of a growth without precedents. The demand for new products and new technologies seemed inexhaustible. The resources were abundant, as much of insumos as of man power.

The low costs of production, the consumers less worried about the quality allies to the fast expansion of the market, created a climate of prosperity and optimism. In this context, the companies were supported in two pillars: to produce and to vender. In the decade of 70, with the petroliferous crisis, the world-wide economy suffered radical changes. Energy, insumos and the proper man power had had a drastic increase of cost. Ally to this, the growth of the number of companies for the world, created one incited competition. The behavior of the consumer suffered to fort alteration, provoked for the massive and daily access of information. This exactly consuming started to question each product before adquiriz it, searching quality and minor better price. Ahead this new reality, the companies turn over obliged to question its forms to manage.

The terceirizao appears as form to share the economic effectiveness with new methods of man power management and with the technological innovations. The main objective of the terceirizao is not only the cost reduction, but to become the agile, flexible and competitive company in the market. The terceirizao when transforming the fixed costs into 0 variable, improves the productive process, therefore it transfers money to the application in technology and new products.