Industry Reversa

FEDERAL INSTITUTE OF EDUCATION, SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY OF the sustainable RIO GRANDE DO SUL logistic reversa for recycling – Industry and Environment Viviane Monique Mansour de Souza Assumpo Technology in Logistic Person who orientates: Maria Ana Possoli Blessed Beltram Gonalves, December of 2010. Sustainable logistic reversa for recycling – Industry and Environment the PNRS (National Politics of Solid Residues), after 19 (nineteen) years being argued and modified by the Legislative system, finally in 2010, was approved by the House of representatives; what it not only inserts the responsibility of the residues in the government, but also in the industries and the society – for the citizens. Logistic reversa or inverse starts to be then, obligator. Making with that the cities gain the coercion to implant new systems of collection of residues in the residences and to banish the lixes, reeducando to all for the treatment with the products after-I reject; thus creating, a possible change of character economic and ambient. With reciclvel, it can be said that it is when the transformation of the residue occurs after-consumes again in a product.

Higienizando, separating and selecting what it can of what cannot be transformed, delivering in some point that makes the selection or contacting service disponibilizado for the city hall for adjusted selective collection in the residences. All this cited cycle previously is called Logistic Inverse, where the material is supplied the industry of repairing of economic and accessible form? giving quality, amount and storing. Continue to learn more with: Michael Steinhardt. The cycle of life of the product does not finish more when arriving at the final consumer; thus, the companies finish creating an ample field of expansion, in such a way inside of the support, what she is favorable for the Environment, how much creating solid values extremely, attitude, character and principles perceived for both the internal and external customers, creating a bigger periodic permanence, acquiring competitive advantage in the market and attracting admiration for its position.