Bohunice nuclear power plant

Deregulation in the Energy industry has allowed tens of thousands of New Yorkers to get better energy rates by choosing as their main supplier of gas and electricity for their homes and businesses. The Bohunice nuclear power plant (in Slovak: Atomove Elektr rne Bohunice, EBO short) consists of a complex of two nuclear power plants located 2.5 km from the town of Jaslovske Bohunice in the district of Trnava in western Slovakia (48th 29’40’N 17 40’55’E ‘/’48 49,444, 17.68194).
The EBO covers two floors: V-1 and V-2. Both plants have two reactors, which were gradually connected to the power grid in the period between 1978 and 1985. Adopted the concept more widespread globally pressurized reactor and use the Soviet-designed VVER 440 in the construction of nuclear power plant V-1 and V-2.
Its average annual generation of electricity is situated at 12,000 GWh. With the development of a system of central heating supply for the city of Trnava plant from the Bohunice V-2 unit was switched to the CHP. Also this system is part of a heat pipe installed power in 1987. Installed in 1997, we supply line heat Leopoldov Hlohovec and has also been designed as an offshoot of the pipeline from the line of Trnava.
There is another power plant ‘A-1’ on the site of Jaslovske Bohunice. On February 22, 1977, A-1 reactor suffered a major accident during refueling of fuel. The plant is in the process of the removal process.

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