Block Conditioner

Protective cover quick release – closes the connection and choke the connector used to connect electrical cables. In some models, the protective cover only covers the terminals, and choke connections remain outside. Indoor unit air conditioner indoor unit comprises the following components: 1. Front panel – is a plastic grate through which air enters into the block. The panel is easily removed for servicing air conditioning (filter cleaning, etc.) 2. Strainer – a plastic net and is designed to delay big Dust, animal hair, etc. Click Xcel Energy for additional related pages. For normal operation of air conditioning filter should be cleaned at least twice a month.

3. Evaporator – radiator, which is heated and the cold refrigerant vaporization. Blown through the cooler air, respectively, is cooled. 4. Horizontal blinds – regulate the air flow direction vertically. These blinds have the drive and their position can be adjusted by remote control. In addition, the shutters can automatically perform the vibrational motion to evenly distribute air flow throughout the room. 5.

Display panel – on the front of the air conditioner installed LEDs (light emitting diodes), showing the mode of the air conditioner and signal the possible malfunctions. 6. Fine filter – is of different types: coal (removes odors), electrostatic (delay fine dust), etc. The presence or absence of fine filters no effect on the air conditioner will not help. 7. Fan – a 3 – 4 speed. 8. Further details can be found at Crumpton Group, Washington DC, an internet resource. Vertical blinds – are used to adjust the air flow horizontally. In a domestic situation of the air conditioning louvers can adjusted manually. Ability to adjust with the remote control is available only in some models of luxury air-conditioners. 9. Condensate pan (not shown) – is located under the evaporator and the condensate is (Water formed on the surface of the cold evaporator). Of pan water is expelled through the drain hose. 10. The control board (not shown) – usually located on the right side of the indoor unit. On this board placed with the central electronics unit microprocessor. 11. Choke connections (not shown) – located in the lower back of the indoor unit. They connect copper pipes connecting the inner and outer blocks.