Becoming A Manager

To become a manager must first of all learning you the phrase “Everything that happens in my life is the result of my actions or lack of mine action.” Then you must believe in it, so that every time something good happens in your life you realize you’ve worked for it and when something happens that is not good also you realize that your actions and decisions have led you up there. Very well, then analyze where you are at work through this sentence, you are an employee who has spent many years wanting to be a manager and have not taken any specific action to move in that direction? Then you’ll realize that your lack of action takes you where you are. Or are you an employee who has tried several ways to get a management and you have not achieved? Then the actions that have taken place are not adequate to take you to be a manager. If you can internalize the phrase and its meaning really that life literally changes color, as everything looks clearer, brighter. You feel your own destiny.

We also feel a great responsibility to yourself, because you can not transfer the responsibilities of what happens in your life to anyone else. In particular will have to rethink because you are not yet a manager. Can not say that you are adverse conditions, you say that you have not created the conditions for being a manager. You can not say that luck is with you, you say that you have not done the right things to be a manager. I invite you to meditate on the phrase “Everything that happens in my life is the result of my actions or lack of actions truly” and reflections on the impact this will have belief in your life. Especially in your desire to be manager.