3 Techniques To Read More Quickly

And what would say me if I could do this in half the time of what would you normally do? If you are interested in learning how to read twice as fast from what you are reading now, this article will be interested because I’m going to give you three basic techniques so that you start today to develop their fast reading. Fast reading is a set of habits and methods that will help you to increase your reading speed, select the correct material that is worth reading according to their purposes, to analyze texts to read them more quickly then and proportionally increase your understanding. Technique 1: read groups of words at once and without subvocalizar. Technique 2: define your purpose of reading before starting to read. Faster pass view in paragraphs or sentences of filler or merely descriptive and stay alert to the emergence of the information that you are interested in.

Sensitising to slightly slow speed when it detects words containing the key ideas. Technique 3: keep the attention for increase understanding. Make deductions, infer conclusions, try to deduce the words that follow. To do this, first try to deduce the last word of each line. After two weeks of training, try to deduce the first and the last word of each line.

Move the pupils on the text, with a zig-zag tour. Select a test text and start to apply the technique 1. Try to also apply it everytime you read, to turn it into a habit and do it unconsciously. As you train and master it, you can move to the techniques that follow. I would like to leave me a comment if you need more help to improve their reading.