Who Is Allowed Into The Private Health Insurance

In Germany there are in addition to the statutory health insurance and private health insurance. The majority of the population is legally insured. The legislature allows only specific groups of people the assurance of freedom and therefore) the occurrence or change in the private health insurance (Social Security Code. As a rule, are students, until the age of 30 Year of life, but only until the 14th Semesters in the statutory health insurance at favorable rates and insurance contributions. If the study is not finished yet, but the time passed, students can secure a regular member of the public health insurance. Upon expiry of the family insurance and the possibility of changing over to the private health insurance. The majority of private health insurance are self-employed, professionals and entrepreneurs. In this group there is no insurance, are exempted, for example farmers, writers or artists. That group of people has, regardless of income, differentOptions to choose from. Either it is a voluntary membership of the statutory health insurance or a degree in a private health insurance or no health insurance. With the beginning of self-insurance liberty occurs. Within three months after the start of compulsory insurance and insurance liberty shall be reported to the recent statutory health insurance, whether a change is accomplished in the private health insurance or whether the membership will continue in the statutory voluntary. The change and the termination of voluntary participation in the statutory fund for private health insurance for self employed can be the end of the month after next, the 18-month commitment period of the previous health insurance is not taken into account in this case. Employees and workers with an income above the one year in advance by the newly established federal government, ceiling have a choice between a voluntary membership of a public health insurance or the financial statements in a private health insurance.The ceiling is adjusted annually on the average salaries and wages. The ceiling for 2006 is approximately 47,250 euros a year (monthly 3562.50 euros) at 12 months’ salary. An employee or an employee exceeds the ceiling with his regular annual salary, he leaves at the end of 31.12 from the insurance requirement. Condition for this is that his income exceeds the ceiling of the following year from the start. If the income exceeds the change of the employment relationship, already the ceiling of the current year, the insurance liberty occurs immediately. The current gross monthly salary, bonuses) (13. month pay, Christmas bonus, holiday pay, other regular income such as berstundenpauschalen and savings schemes include the annual salary. Compensation for extraordinary overtime, the employee savings allowance and child countnot enter. As a rule, the employer pays half of the insurance contribution. In private health insurance can also be officers or employees in public service assurance with the aid payment. Private health insurance is a useful addition in these cases, because officials and employees will receive the state aid system, only a percentage contribution to their medical costs. Officials can also volunteer to hedge in the statutory health insurance fund, which they then have to pay the full health insurance contributions from their gross earnings. Doctors and dentists who are employed, have had the opportunity to secure either by voluntary participation in the statutory fund or by the conclusion at a private Krankversicherung too. Self-employed dentists and physicians can, regardless of income, to choose between private and statutory health insurance. Doctors, dentists and hospital interns receive from private health insurersmost special and discounted medical rates. Income falls below the annual income limit, which comes out insurance again. Example of this would be sudden unemployment or reduction of salary. Annual income remains the same and the insurance limit is increased, it is possible to free themselves from the incoming insurance permit. An exemption is also possible, if the income falls below the annual income limit, due to a reduction of working hours to half or less, with regard to the regular weekly hours of comparable full-time employees in the operation. To be exempted from compulsory insurance, an application must be filed with the relevant insurer. It would involve the health insurance company in which one was last insured, or if earlier, there was no public health insurance, a freely selected health insurance.