Which School Qualifications Have A Preference For Training Companies

The entry into vocational training as a banker / banker is basically all the general and vocational school qualifications possible. This training is open to both female and male school-leavers. In recent years, credit institutions as a result of the trend towards higher education diplomas have primarily included high school graduates in the bank-specific training. Since many Hochschulberechtigte start after completion of training study, the banks are increasingly looking for qualified real students. This group of students, which assesses the banker / banker as high school graduates, professional, takes his / her career opportunities in banks and savings banks is not it good enough. This means seeking from the banks are too few qualified real students. Potential students Hochschulberechtig States recommend a few private banks to take after college, first studying and later as trainees to apply. The selection process, the banks accept applications of school leavers 1to 1.5 years before training to meet dunsbeginn. The documentation should include: application letter, CV, copies of the last two school reports and photographs as appropriate, certificates of work placements, language skills and abroad. The first selection of candidates is carried out audits on the records. Most banks then reload to take a written test that is to allow a particular statement about the compatibility of existing talents with job requirements. This mainly strength, concentration, creativity, numerical and writing skills, so the intellectual capacity. The Forde Testa-ments are tailored to the graduations. The successful candidates will be invited to an individual or group call for more information about expectations, talents and behavior of applicants. After deciding on dieEinstellung, similar to a casting. Duration Citibank closes with theApplicants for a vocational training contract that is entered in the register of vocational training relationships with the competent Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The training begins with a probationary period required under the Vocational Training Act, which is at least one months and a maximum of three months. In the training regulations banker / banker has set out some training period of three years. This is usually the time required to achieve the training objective. With graduates of the Vocational School of Economics (two-year trade school) are due to close Abzu imputation regulation two-year training contracts. Citibank shorten training time for high school graduates and students in higher trading 2 or 2.5 years. In addition, each student may be eligible for early graduation, unless justified by its performance and of training to operate and support the vocational school that. Citibank puts great emphasis on reconciling work and child, people have children are welcome.