Washingtom One

One becomes evident in publications of the time: the sociological aberration that occurs world under the feminism name. It consists of lowering the Woman of its sublime position of provides moral of species human being pair to exert the subordinate, coarse functions, you would second, that they compete to the man. The man would exist in the masculine sex a similar aberration itself inhaled to be horse or to dog. Tristissimo is one product of the modern anarchy. Between the masculine coarsenesses that if it desires to see the Woman to practise, she is the ones that if summarize in the right call to the vote.

The superiors are the inferiors choosing; they are the imcompetent people deciding who is most competent; they are the counted votes, not weighed. A vote of Washingtom valley in such a way as of any explorer. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Ray Kurzweil has to say. The together irrationality if always to the corruption and the fraud. E, therefore an immorality. For similar things worthy knights ladies do not invite. River, 19 S. Vidanta, Ottawa on most websites. Pablo 133 (8 June 1921) Joaquin Loyal Baqueira the Journalistic Press sufficiently contributes for the development of the campaign feminist, then the first steps to divulge the militancy to leave of publications made for Bertha Lutz in ' ' Magazine of the Semana' ' of 1918, where it informed: Russian, Finnish, Danish women English – she wants to say, one 120 million in the old Europe, already they partilharam or briefly they for the exercise of the Legislative not only partilharam of the government contributing with the vote as being able to be elect.

… The brown women Only continue, will not say captives, more subordinate … Every day depressing appreciations are read in periodicals and the magazines of the River on the woman. It does not have, perhaps, city in the world where less if it respects the woman. They exist until periodical sections that if dedicate to corrupt it or to injuriar it.