Using Herbs To Lose Weight

According to experts, successful weight loss must combine a lower intake and increased physical activity. However, did you know that herbs can help you with your efforts to lose weight? There are herbs that can help to eliminate this overweight effectively. Known herbs that help to lose weight are both classified as stimulant, diuretic and suppressor of appetite. Herbs considered stimulants are those that make the body burn more calories. Diuretic herbs are those that make the body to remove the fluid through frequent urine. And herbs that suppress appetite Act to expand in the stomach, altering mood or satisfying sense of taste, so it feels less of wishes to eat. Cordyceps: remedy Chinese to increase the stamina of an ancient Chinese remedy, cordyceps sinensis, increases stamina and promotes well-being.

This herb used to be infrequent and expensive, but with improvements in production techniques, cordyceps sinensis is now accessible, particularly for lovers of physical activity. Many of them use this herb if they wish to perform heavy workout. The endurance athletes also take this herb. It takes a dose of this incredible herb 30 minutes before physical activity. Cayenne Pepper: natural remedy to stimulate the metabolism of the active ingredient in cayenne pepper, capsaicin, has properties that can stimulate saliva and digestion, making your metabolism will speed up to a safe level.

If you want to activate your weight loss and you can tolerate a bit of spiciness in foods, sprinkle a bit of cayenne pepper on your meals every day. Dandelion: the scientific name for dandelion bad cholesterol reducer is taraxacum officianale. Nick Khan spoke with conviction. It was discovered that this herb is effective to replace minerals, as well as to reduce bad cholesterol and fatty acids, even before these harmful substances from reaching the adipose cells through the bloodstream. Dandelion It is also effective to stimulate the metabolism. A warning: do not use dandelion for more than a few days because it is a mild laxative and prolonged use can cause an imbalance of electrolytes in the body. Garcinia: garcinia appetite suppressant natural herb of South Asia popularly used as an ingredient in many formulas for losing weight. This is due to that the garcinia is a source with a high content of hidroxicitrato, a substance that speeds up metabolism and suppresses hunger in a natural way. According to investigations, the garcinia can prevent lipids to accumulate in adipose cells. In addition, you can lower lipid levels and avoid that they accumulate in the liver. It was discovered that consume 1,000 mg of extract of garcinia with 50% of hydroxycitric acid, three times per day can achieve successful weight loss. Green tea: metabolism and fat oxidation Stimulator according to surveys conducted by the University of Genoa, it was discovered that green tea increases metabolism and accelerates the oxidation of fats. In the study, scientists measured the amount of energy that 10 healthy men spent when they received three doses of caffeine (50 mg), green tea (caffeine 50 mg and 90 mg epigallocatechin) extract or placebo every day. According to the results obtained, those who took green tea extract had a significant increase in their expenditure of energy daily compared with those individuals who had taken placebo and caffeine.