University of T bingen

University of T bingen was founded in 1477 by Count Eberhard V (Eberhard im Bart, from 1445 to 1496). Later, the first Duke of Wa rttemberg, a reformist believe that civil and church school after the spirit of the Renaissance education during his trips to Italy. Its first rector was Johannes Nauclerus.
Its present name was conferred in 1769 by Duke Karl Eugen, who was named the institution (Karls is the possessive of Karl). The University became the kingdom of Wa rttemberg. Today is one of nine state universities founded by the German federal state of Baden – WA rttemberg.
University of T bingen has a history of innovation in thinking, particularly with regard to theology, in which the University and the “T Binger Stift” (Seminar) are recognized even today. Philipp Melanchthon (1497 – 1560), the initiator of the German education system and leading figure in the Protestant Reformation, helped establish its direction. Among students (and / or teachers) eminent T Bingen include the astronomer Johannes Kepler, the economist Horst Kohler (current president of Germany), Joseph Ratzinger, a former Cardinal and current Pope Benedict XVI, the poet Friedrich H lderlin, and philosophers Friedrich Schelling and Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel. Sometimes we talk about “The Three T bingen” to refer to H lderlin, Hegel and Schelling, who was the roommate in the “T Binger Stift.
The University has grown to the height of its importance in the mid-nineteenth century with the teachings of the poet and civil leader Ludwig Uhland and the Protestant theologian Ferdinand Christian Baur, whose beliefs and disciples became known as the “T bingen School” and initiated a historical analysis of biblical texts, an approach also referred to as High criticism. T bingen was the first German university that had a faculty of Natural Sciences in 1863. DNA was discovered in 1868 by Friedrich Miescher University. Christiane NA sslein – Volhard, the first German woman who won the Nobel Prize in Medicine also work at the University of T bingen.
Faculty of Economics and Business Administration was founded in 1817 as “Staatswissenschaftliche Fakult t”) and was the first of its kind in Germany. In 1970, the University of T bingen was restored to power as a series of independent departments of study and research in the manner of French universities.