Ultimate Skydiving Simulator And Amusement Park Sports

The latest in skydiving simulator and amusement parks. The most important company in Mexico and a leader in the manufacture of attractions for adventure parks Extreme Ideas consolidates as the only in making manufacturing simulators freefall skydiving and most advanced in the market, coupled with this global projection them allowed to install its attractions in many other countries which have been a resounding success and a real credit to our beloved country. Its attractions are fantastic and arguably the level of adrenaline and entertainment they offer is unparalleled, with attractions for all ages, aimaginense!, A free fall simulator for the little ones. The places where you can find attractions of extremist ideas are in Mexico: The interactive museum Magic Topspin Guadalajara, Jalisco, El Beraka Adventure Park in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos. , Among others. I invite you to visit its Web site. , Where competitions will be spectacular and will know each attractions that they offer as spectacular canopy tower, the funny but rather extreme Obstacle Course and its incomparable Spider Zone and bicycles that turn 360 degrees, Xtreme Bikes, Xtra will also find the Ice, a stunning ice rink, ice-free , which requires no machinery to work and also you can install anywhere, either inside or outside, this system is used by some delegations for training in Olympic figure skating in countries where the climate does not allow the practice of this beautiful sport, Xtreme will be able to explore their Boards, another attraction of 360 degrees allowing you to experience the thrill of snowboarding, another of its attractions and one of my favorites is the Xtreme Shot, this is a sensational catapult launches you to over 120 km hours to the heights, the feeling of vertigo is scary but the most strange is that when you finish you want more, well, this company is an example of innovation and has given us emotions for a long time fun unlimited, we must never forget that when we combine the excitement and the extreme we become Pure Adrenaline.