The Whip

And if society is immoral and unethical, if it all is bought and sold, then useless and even harmful to spend money on education, without beforehand undertaking a humane ideology and spiritual upbringing. It is not surprising that our country is practically extinct honest, highly spiritual disinterested. On our social grounds, such human qualities do not take root. Carrot and stick can teach how to avoid the whip and how to get the carrot, but they do not form a conscience. Spiritual life, even when adverse conditions requires considerable effort.

When conditions are adverse, weak people, like ostriches, hiding his head in the sand, dive into the world of material things, surrendering the illusion of a prosperous existence. And just before his death, they have to “look into the eyes of reality.” And then the euphoria is achieved through an infinite extraction and consumption of material goods, they daruyuschih momentary solace, is no longer save us from understanding the existence and the fear of imminent departure into an abyss of infinite nothingness. At the present time, in our society strongly implanted opinion about artificiality, the so-called eternal truths and values. Someone very like “fish in troubled waters.” However, to think so, the same as sawing the branch on which you sit or act like cancer cells, which are destroying the cell society of a biological organism, killed along with him. Every second, every moment, we face a choice: conscience or benefit, not realizing that it is – The path we choose.

But the worst thing that quickly comes a point when we almost lose the choice. Initially, the chosen path becomes a habit, automatism, which we simply cease to be aware and well, if he chose correctly, because soon we start, resist any interference in the usual way of our life, as long as they say, “roasted rooster will not peck” is not surprising: “The habit of over is given to us ” Just need to make us think about the consequences of their actions. Only it forces us to do what necessary, but not what we’re used to That is why, up until “the cornerstone” of human society will not be put ethics before humanity does not become the foundation of social coexistence, no technological progress or social benefits, nor the growing intelligence, would not make a man happy. Deprived of spirituality, people are gradually turning into a treacherous and cruel beast, who lives on the “law of the jungle” and begins to enjoy life as much as can. As much as circumstances allow him and his animal instincts. We both need spiritual ideals. It does not matter, they are true or false. It is important that the quality, brought up by them – the truth! Ideals may change, but quality developed by them – remain. And it is very important, because that has no use, does not develop. And that is no longer used – lost! And that’s why, when there is no proper attention to the spiritual upbringing, sooner or later, have to deal with re-education, throwing more and more new tools to fight crime.