The Smart Entrepreneur

The Smart Entrepreneur Author: Alberto Conti. It is said that in an exclusive interview with Bill Gates questioned: ” Latinoamerica Why has not produced a new Bill Gates'” “You, What could have been become the most successful technology innovator in the world and one of the richest men on the planet, where finance he was born in Paraguay, for example, ‘ “Gates said. “In almost all parts of the world we could have been born, would have had the incredible opportunities I had here: I had a very good education, and I was incredibly lucky as to the circumstances that touched me. In all countries, rich and also in Latin America, the number of young people choosing a career in science and engineering is surprisingly low. The Billionaire suggested that to change this picture and bring this possibility, the first thing to do would be to improve secondary education and, second, improve universities’. I think Bill Gates is right, the truth is that we leave much to be desired with our education in Latin America. But for my part, I hope, despite the comments of the expert, who in the days of today, I prefer to believe that nothing is impossible and that there is potential for the emergence of new successful entrepreneurs of the New Economy in Latin America. In reading the comments of Bill Gates can react in two ways, or we get frustrated because the sba loan possibility of drastic changes occur in education in Latin America is a long-term challenge. Or rather, it could choose not to lose hope unsecured loan and believe that one can achieve in our region. In my case, I prefer to be optimistic. It is because I believe passionately in the potential of 3 world . I think in Latin America and the immense value of their people. I believe in the creative talent of their young. I think in Latin America as an emerging region that will be driven by a new generation of savvy commercial loan entrepreneurs that caused a tremendous impact on the economy of his countries. I believe that if our youth have the opportunity, our region would be another global powerhouse computer genius. That’s why I dare to imagine that people like Bill Gates than estaria about to occur in the coming years. I am also of those who believe that to Latin America needed him most entrepreneurs. Because the emergence of more entrepreneurs with the results mean in more sources of wealth creation and new revenue streams for the nations. That’s why I say that the biggest challenge commercial business loans for government leaders in the days of today is to encourage the development of technology, encourage entrepreneurial activity, facilitate the creation of companies instead of putting so many brakes. lei a few months ago an investigation report publicized by the media, which referred to Argentina leading the ranking of enterprises failed. While it is one of the countries with highest rate of entrepreneurs (14.2 ) after Chile and Korea, six out of ten enterprises wrecked before their first birthday. The number of failed enterprises is alarming. Juan private equity Manuel Gonzales Cerda, in financing his article ‘The entrepreneur in you’, declare that it is difficult to understand that with the serious unemployment exists to start a new small and medium size enterprises still have to pay taxes in the paperwork and paying for a license and register a company anonymous, and worse, we have to deal with officials who do not understand that their real job is to facilitate and not hinder the creation of companies. It is indeed very disappointing to note that the State has endeavored to put as many barriers rather than facilitating the entrepreneurial activity. When I think of China as Singapore, Taiwan, South Korea, Hong Kong, which emerged from poverty in just 4 decades, and became today’s great economic powers.