The Philosophy

Moreover, the philosophical problems also appear in our reflection on sciences, the religions and the arts. Here it is some examples: – The one that is really the art? music? – The one that is really the numbers? It will be that the mathematical theorems are inventions of the human beings or discoveries? – How we can conciliate the existence of a good and powerful and utmost wise God with as much suffering in the world? – The one that is really a physical law? as we can have certainty of that these laws are true? Although the philosophy to be a reflection that appears nor all of course the reflection that appears of course is philosophical. Many times I fear personal answers for philosophical questions as: ' ' Which is the direction of the life? ' ' or ' ' It will be that everything is relative? ' '. These personal answers, however not yet are philosophical. They can be the starting point of the philosophical reflection; but they are not the arrival point. This wants to say that pods and must leave of your personal certainties. these justifications have to resist the critical one. We go to see what this wants to say.

The philosophy is a critical activity the first thing to make before a philosophical affirmation as ' ' Everything is relativo' ' it is to try to know accurately what we are to say. Everything mentions it what!? what it wants to say ' ' relativo' '? In the study of the philosophy, this work of interpretation is crucial. We have to know with precision what really this to be affirmed to be able to argue this firmao. It is therefore that in it I capitulate 2 we will go to distinguish phrases from proposals, and will go to see what is ambiguity and other traps that do not allow in them to correctly interpret the ideas of the philosophers.