The Holy Shroud of Turin

Those who believe, no explanation needed for those who doubt there is sufficient explanation. The Robe or Shroud. A strong and sustained tradition identifies as the cloak that wrapped the body of the Lord Jesus, is a fine piece of linen 3 feet and 7 inches wide and 14 feet three inches long (exactly 8 by 2 cubits, the ancient measurement used in Israel). The mantle is in Turin, Italy, since 1578 and is made public exposure about once every generation. The last exhibition before the extraordinary being done in preparation for the Jubilee was held in 1978, and in five weeks, about 3 and 1 / 2 million pilgrims visited. To determine how how the image is printed on the sheet, more than 1,000 scientific research of many different specialties have been carried out and photographs have taken 32.000. These investigations have made the Shroud studied the relic of history. This is an image of the true face of Our Lord Jesus Christ, printed on the Holy Shroud. For those who believe, thank you very much they are granted. The cause was disfigured by the beatings. This presentation does not go into scientific details associated with the Holy Shroud, the intention is that you become more familiar with it, to increase your faith in the Son of the Living God, who also was a man. 2 John 7 Many seducers are gone out into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. That is the seducer and the antichrist.